Tricks to Save Locked Orkut Album Photos on Your Computer

Before couple of months, Orkut enhanced it’s security features and locked all user’s album pictures so that no one can save those photos on their computers. Orkut took this step to protect it’s user’s privacy by disabling right mouse click button on Orkut album photos. Your right mouse button won’t work in those pages that we normally use to save photos. But here are the tricks to bypass the right click disable protection and save anyone’s locked photo from his Orkut album.

1. Navigate to the album photo that you want to save.
2. Left click on the photo and then drag it to the address bar (where you type
3. Once you drop that image there, it will open with a new page with that image.
4. Right click on that image and save on your computer (yes, right click will work here).
5. You are done.

Save Photo from Orkut Albums using Keyboard and MS Paint

1. Open any Orkut album photo on your browser.
2. Hit Print Screen button on your keyboard to capture your screen
3. Navigate to Start >> All Programs >> Accessories and open Paint
4. Press Ctrl+V to get the image on MS paint window
5. Edit the image to corp it and save on your computer.
6. You are done.

That’s it. Now you can save anyone’s orkut album photos,  bypassing Orkut security lock feature.

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